GOODYEAR | Exclusive to Paligap in UK & Ireland

Adding Goodyear to our portfolio is really exciting. Paligap has been in the market for the right tyre brand to fit alongside our selection of premium brands for some time now. Given the heritage and brand equity Goodyear has on a global scale we were excited to see what they had to offer. After some good early discussions and a brand ethos and direction very similar to our own, we knew we had found the right partner.

With the full compliment of market leading Stans NoTubes products and hand built performance Fast Forward products, we feel the addition of Goodyear sets Paligap apart in providing the very best in the world of all things round.

Stock is due to land with us in the month of May but we are taking pre-orders now via our B2B. We invite dealers interested in becoming stockists to drop us an email: [email protected]

Or view the range here…