STANS | Flow EX3 Rims

What is it?

The new Flow EX3 is an incredibly strong rim we’ve developed for enduro, downhill, and more demanding trail riding. Still lighter than competitors (580g for 27.5), the Flow EX3 is the ultimate rim for riders who push limits.



Why did Stans make it?

With slacker angles and better suspension, today’s “trail bikes” are more capable than many downhill bikes were only a few years ago. Factor in e-bikes, and it is clear consumers are riding heavier, more capable bikes, and riding those bikes faster than ever. This rim can handle the fastest and most aggressive riders out there.



Does it replace the Flow MK3?

No. The Flow MK3 remains one of the best rims made for aggressive trail and all mountain riding, but the Flow EX3 is built to handle even more.



What makes it so special?

In a word: Tiebeam. The specific position of the brace inside this triple cavity rim lets it withstand far more impact force than any alloy rim we’ve ever tested. Our patented low sidewalls and stronger 6069 alloy construction together with a new bead-blasted finish and stronger overall rim shape make this the rim everyone is going to want in 2019.



Will it make me faster?

Oh hell yes! This is the rim used by GT Factory’s Martin Maes to win both the Crankworx Whistler Enduro World Series and La Bresse World Cup DH last year. It enters the market with a proven track record of performance.



Who will be using it?

Look for the Flow EX3 on these 2019 DH and enduro teams in 2019:

  • GT Factory
  • Atherton Bikes
  • Propain
  • Cannondale



The Weights:

Rim – 27.5″ – 580g and 29″ – 618g
Wheelset – 27.5″ – 2018g and 29″ -2115g (Using Stans Neo Hubs & Sapim spokes)