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MK4 & S2 Wheelsets and Rims

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S2 wheelsets are a great upgrade for riders looking for better tubeless performance and excellent durability. Patented Bead Socket Technology means easier tubeless inflation and more confidence on the trail. An emphasis on durability means a reinforced and eyeletted spoke bed, a quality sleeved joint, and 6061 alloy construction.

MK4 patented BST-Asymmetric shape creates the most reliable tubeless seal. The rim’s durable 6069 alloy construction and reinforced spoke bed, combined with the offset drilling of the asym design, builds into an incredibly durable wheel that brings added confidence to every ride. Strength and serviceability are long-standing priorities of every Stan’s wheel, and the MK4 wheel takes those priorities further than ever before. The asym rim design allows for a single spoke length to be used on both the front and rear wheels. As with all Stan’s wheels, traditional J-bend spokes and lacing are used for their proven strength, ride quality, and serviceability.

The M-pulse hubs at the heart of MK4 wheels combine an absolutely bombproof magnetic locking engagement with incredibly smooth rolling. Based on the original innovative Project321 engagement system, the speed and durability of this system is unmatched. Unlike weaker pawl and spring designs, the M-pulse features six pawls with Neodymium magnets that offer virtually no resistance when coasting, but lock the pawl teeth into place far more reliably and consistently than springs.